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Soul Food: Bible Word Study Devotional #2



Soul Food: Bible Word Study Devotional #2

Happy New Year!

We’ve just come out of a season of celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and now we’re well on our way into the new year.  Although some of us have new year resolutions and others have plans and goals we hope to achieve none of us can say for certain exactly how 2015 will play out.

One thing for sure is just as His name, Emmanuel, implies God is truly with each of us. As we continue into 2015 with our resolutions, plans, and goals let us do so with our hearts continuously fixed on Jesus Christ.

It is with this in mind that For My Child is serving up note #2 of Soul Food.  We pray that these short biblical word studies pique your interest in diving deeper into the Bible and allowing your soul to feast on the riches that can only be found in the Lord’s word.


Influence. The dictionary defines the word influence as “NOUN: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself; VERB: have an influence on.”

As a follower of Jesus Christ the question is who (or what) has influenced you the most in life and who (or what) influences you the most on a daily basis?

With exception to the James 1:11 mention of grace, Strong’s Greek 5485 defines all other New Testament mentions of grace as “Charis” which literally means “the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in life.”  It’s very clear to see that the New Testament grace is completely different from the commonly understood Old Testament grace (i.e. Strong’s Hebrew 2580 “Chen” which means “gracious, kindness, favor”).

Grace is Jesus Christ’s divine influence through the Holy Spirit upon our hearts and the reflection (manifestation) of His influence in our lives.

As a quick exercise re-read each of the scriptures below but replace grace with the literal New Testament meaning “the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in life.”

“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17 KJV)

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV)

“Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace.” (Philippians 1:7 KJV)

We as Believers in Christ have been born again into a new life. As part of our resurrected life let us yield to Him and allow His grace (the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in life) to abound in us. When ministering to children let’s teach them how to allow Christ to be their only influence. His grace is sufficient for all of us.

Let your soul be blessed!

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