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Welcome to For My Child



Welcome to For My Child

Ours heart’s desire is to see all children in a thriving relationship with our Heavenly Father (i.e. healthy, whole, bearing good fruits, and bringing forth gifts through the power of Holy Spirit).

The initial thought was to simply put up a blog with Bible lessons and keep it at that.  However, in ministry work and with the passage of time we’ve been confronted with the horrors of child abuse. We’ve learned and come to understand that child abuse & neglect is more common than anyone can imagine. We’ve also seen the love, grace, and mercy of God through Christ Jesus heal, deliver, and restore children & adults who have been abuse; today they live in freedom through the power of Holy Spirit.  It’s with these insights that serve as the basis for this ministry.

With that said our blogs are simple perspectives meant to encourage, shine the light on, and provoke thought in approaches to & views on topics concerning children, parenting, family, and community.  On behalf of the FMYC ministry team we hope that you are blessed by the articles.  May God continue to meet you, your child (children), and entire family in every way that is needed.

In Him,



Founder & Director – For My Child

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