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God the Holy Spirit: Keepsakes



God the Holy Spirit: Keepsakes


Teacher’s devotional excerpt from the Full Armor For Kid’s Bible StudyGod the Holy Spirit

Keepsakes.  Many of us have them …inanimate objects such as jewelry, pictures, and other items that bring memories of loved ones no longer with us or of special events and periods in our lives. These memories bring back deep emotions of love, joy, happiness, and sometimes a bit of sorrow over who or what has passed.  It is because of the memories and emotions that we hold these objects so tightly.  Theyʼre truly precious to us and if anyone were to ask the price of our keepsake weʼd quickly respond “Priceless.”

In the same way you are Holy Spiritʼs keepsake.  He keeps you for the sake of God.  He keeps you for the sake of the Blood.  He keeps you for Loveʼs sake!  You are precious to Him!  Jesus paid the price with His blood to buy you, revive you, restore you, and bring you back into right relationship with Father God.  He sent Holy Spirit to keep you all for Loveʼs sake.  Do you know that you are the Fatherʼs joy and the apple of His eye?  Holy Spiritʼs deep desire is to keep you in perfect peace.  He grieves when there is disharmony in your relationship with the Father.  Holy Spirit wants to keep you in a place of holiness, a place of goodness, and a place of freedom …all for Loveʼs sake.

Do you know Him? Do you acknowledge Holy Spirit? Have you communed with Him?  Itʼs never too late to get to know Him. Holy Spirit is power.  He is the special source of light that Jesus Christ Himself put into you! A light that will convict you, guide you, help you, comfort you, remind you, and fight for you!  He is your Forever Friend and Heʼll never leave you!

Read Titus 3:3-7 and take the opportunity to get to know Holy Spirit a little more …Heʼs waiting.

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