Homeless Outreach


Although the overall nationwide homeless population slightly decreased in the past year in January 2015 the number of homeless people nationwide was 564,708.

  • 36% were homeless families with children
  • 23% of homeless children are under the age 18
  • More than half (60%) of all homeless people in families with children are women or girls.
  • 64% were homeless individuals
  • 11% (47,725) of homeless individuals are veterans
  • 34% of homeless veterans live on the street
  • 24% (11,311) of homeless veterans in California live on the street with 4,016 located in Los Angeles.

Do you know that individuals on living on the streets need as well as women in shelters do not have access to hygiene products for adequate self-care?  Also many individuals living on the street are starving and in need of a basic meal.

How can you help? By simply reaching out.  Join For My Child in reaching out to the homeless in your local community by creating and distributing bags of hope.  Click below for instructions on how to create basic food and hygiene page for homeless.


Source: 2015 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress, November 2015