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Christian Evangelism

Child AdvocacyResearch from the Barna Group finds that 80% of Christians come into the faith between the ages of 4 – 14.  This age group also has the highest potential of brining their family (i.e. mother, father, siblings, grand parents, etc.) to Christ once they are saved. However research also shows that about 75% of young people walk away from the faith after high school. Various reasons have been cited for the large number of youths leaving the faith in efforts to identify the root causes and address the problem; reasons include:

  • checkmarkInability to identify with Christianity (i.e. Christianity is not real to them)
  • checkmarkLack of knowledge in practical application of the faith in real life situations and circumstances (i.e. challenges)
  • checkmarkNo ownership of the faith (i.e. more of a religious culture rather than a relationship)
  • checkmarkNo consistent modeling of the faith lived out outside of church (i.e. secular based environment in home, school, with media, etc.)

Childrens Bible Study and Faith Building

j0430644Children are highly intelligent, receptive, and very impressionable.  The same Holy Spirit that dwells in us (the adults) is the same Holy Spirit that dwells in each child once they have accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  We want to help children in developing a deeper relationship with the Lord by teaching them very tangible truths of His word.  It is our hope that once the children latch on to very basic Biblical truths they will know that God is real (i.e. have a deeper relationship with the Lord through Christ) and be empowered and equipped to walk out their faith for a life time.

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