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Child Welfare In the News - Week of March 8, 2018

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AL: & AZ: Lawsuit was catalyst for cutting caseloads in Alabama (Commentary)

  • Arizona Daily Star – March 08, 2018: Across the state, average caseloads were 65. Within six months, James was the only one of five people hired with him who hadn’t quit. But Alabama’s child welfare system was on the cusp of wholesale reform that took place county by county after a sweeping 1988 lawsuit filed by advocates on behalf of a foster child known as R.C.  


AZ: Foster crisis persists, say child advocates, even as DCS trumpets progress (Commentary) (Includes video)

  • Arizona Daily Star – March 08, 2018: ”We have seen phenomenal improvement,” said Katherine Guffey, DCS’s chief quality improvement officer. But advocates for children say it’s not yet time to celebrate – they warn that recent progress to overhaul Arizona’s chronically strained child welfare system could easily be reversed. The very idea that the child welfare system has been “fixed” could spur complacency by policymakers whose funding decisions determine DCS’s ability to function, they fear.


CA: Sacramento Mom Says She Learned Through News That Foster Parent Was Arrested on Suspicion of Child Porn (Includes video)

  • KTLA – March 08, 2018: ”If a major incident occurs in foster care, it is CPS practice to notify child’s counsel, parents’ counsel, and in most cases the biological parents. In some cases, biological parents are notified of the major incident by their attorney or not at all if parental rights have been terminated,” the agency said in a statement.


FL: Former child protection investigator charged with falsifying records

  • Tampa Bay Newspapers – March 08, 2018: Urban, a six-year investigator at the Sheriff’s Child Protection Investigation Division, resigned from his job Jan. 18 soon after another investigator discovered discrepancies in a report he filed on an investigation of a similar allegation involving the same child in November 2017. A review of Urban’s 142 cases from Jan. 1, 2017-Jan. 17, 2018, revealed that he had falsified records in 75 cases – 52 percent.


IN: “The Farm” for foster kids in LaGrange ready to build (Includes video)

  • ABC 57 – March 08, 2018: ”’The Farm’ is a place where we can help children who are going through traumatic experiences…and they’re taken out of the home, and their children are left to be put into foster care or with relatives…Currently, there is no place where in an emergency situation, where the child can be taken,” said Margaret.


MD: Delegate proposes shorter window on adoptions, higher age of consent

  • Frederick News-Post – March 08, 2018: Delegate Barrie Ciliberti (R-District 4) testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday on House Bill 1425. It would reduce the window that a birth parent can change their mind on an adoption from 30 days to 20. It would also raise the age where a minor’s consent is required for an adoption from 10 to 14.


MI: Snyder signs legislation ensuring tribes get child records

  • Sault News – March 08, 2018: Michigan’s federally recognized Native American tribes will now have access to certain state Children’s Protective Services records related to a child within their tribe under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Senate Bill 616, sponsored by state Sen. Judy Emmons, amends the Child Protection Law to allow representatives of federally recognized Native American tribes located within Michigan to obtain confidential Children’s Protective Services records about a young tribal member.


NE: Student Mental Health at Heart of Legislative Debate Today (Includes audio)

  • Public News Service – March 09, 2018: The recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla., has school districts across the country and in Nebraska looking for ways to improve safety. Backers of Legislative Bill 998, to be debated at the Unicameral today (3/9), say it could help by ensuring all students in the state have access to mental and behavioral health services.


PR: Puerto Rico Schools Seek Emotional Healing for Students, Teachers

  • Education Week – March 06, 2018: The Puerto Rican government’s efforts to rebuild and remake its educational system will take years. But so will a complex and in some ways more fraught battle for the U.S. territory’s children and educators: helping them cope with trauma and meeting their emotional needs.


TN: Tennessee GOP kill bill to ban child marriage (Includes video)

  • Hill – March 08, 2018: State House Republicans in Tennessee on Wednesday effectively killed a bill to ban child marriages in an effort to bolster a conservative lawyer’s case against the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. The bill called for the state to ban marriages where one of the parties is under 18 years old.


WI: Federal report shows UnityPoint Health -Meriter failed to prevent abuse (Includes video)

  • NBC15 – March 08, 2018: The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services “conducted a complaint investigation” on Feb. 19. They determined that the hospital failed to “develop and implement an effective policy to prevent suspected abuse related to injuries of unknown origin for patients in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.”


US: Military Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (Video)

  • Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel via C-Span – March 08, 2018: The Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel held a hearing to discuss domestic violence and child abuse in military families. A panel of abuse survivors and an advocate testified about their legal, health care, and treatment experiences with the military, and made recommendations for what could be improved in order to better help survivors and prevent potential abuses.


US: States Want More Money and Less Punishment Over Opioids

  • RouteFifty – March 08, 2018: ”Right now the federal government recognizes the problem but is focused on punishment,” Governor Kate Brown said. “That leaves us, the states, to right the wrongs of a war on drugs that has done nothing to address the issues that drive this public health crisis, while our prisons and our foster care systems are filled to capacity with its victims.”



Australia: Child protection report reveals soaring number of investigations

  • Guardian – March 08, 2018: One in 32 Australian children were subject to a protection investigation or response last financial year, a new report has found, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children from lower socio-economic backgrounds and remote areas continuing to be over-represented.