Healing Hearts

The harsh reality is that 78.1% of children who are abused are abused by one or both parents (US 2014 Child Maltreatment Report).  Every child (even in adulthood) has a deep need to be loved and accepted by their parents.  This fact also holds true even if a child has been abused by their parent(s).  For the child that has been abused it is a especially painful due to the conflicting emotions and difficulty in reconciling the how and the why (i.e. parents should love & protect; parents should not mistreat & abuse).  Rejection hurts on any level and it is most painful when coming directly from a parent. Fear and anger will naturally take root in the heart of a child who has been rejected by a parent.  If forgiveness does not occur at some point the anger and unforgiveness will eventually develop into bitterness. There is no peace in unforgiveness.

The Blessing” is a comic strip developed to explain to a child (who has suffered abuse by a parent) the importance for forgiveness. It is a simple story which makes an attempt to relate to the struggle in the heart of a hurting child and their desire to have a parent who loves them as God loves them.  If you feel “The Blessing” might be a blessing to your child (and you) first pray for Holy Spirit to minister to the both of you.  Next, simply click on the version of the comic that applies to your child’s situation (e.g. a daughter abused by her father, a son abused by his mother, etc.).  Read the comic strip with your child during your one on one time.  After reading the story color the comic strip together.  During the coloring activity gently and carefully talk about the topic of comic (i.e. forgiveness) with your child.  Be mindful to let your child lead the discussion.  During the heart to heart conversation attempt to compassionately mention the following points:

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS COMPLETELY RECOVERED FROM THE TRAUMA OF THE ABUSE.  OBTAIN PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING FOR YOUR CHILD IF NECESSARY FOR TRAUMA RECOVERY.  NEVER BE ASHAMED OF GETTING PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR YOUR CHILD AND YOURSELF. Do not be anxious to have your child forgive the abuser (offender).  Healing is a process and should never be forced.  Be certain that sufficient time has passed and your child has truly healed from the trauma.  Also make certain that your child is well on their way.  Lastly, listen and quietly observe your child to discern if they still carry anger and unforgiveness towards the abuser (offender).  If you observe that although your child has recovered but still harbors unforgiveness (and/ or anger) then gently approach the subject of forgiveness to explain why it is important for them to forgive.

The storyline of “The Blessing” has been written below in English for international translation.  Although the storyline is the same for all versions of the comic there is a slight adjustment in the name of the character to reflect the gender of the child (Christina for the girl and Christian for the boy).


Frame #1: (Sub-title: “The Wonderful Life of Christina”) – Christina says “I have a great life!  I love Barbies!  I wish I had a dad to play Barbies with me.” Note: Jesus is standing behind Christina holding a bag overflowing with the fruits of the spirit.

Frame #2: Christina says “You broke my heart Mr. Not Good!  Why?!  You broke my heart!”

Frame #3: (Sub-title: “Christina is Saved!”) – Christina says “God defeated Mr. Not Good and I was saved!  I live because Jesus saved me!!!”

Frame#4 & #5: (Sub-title: “Holy Spirit Shines the Light”)  - Christina says “Lord Please help me!  I want to have a Barbie party but I’m tired.  I can’t sleep because of nightmares …I don’t want to carry it anymore.”  Jesus replies “Ok my daughter!  Give me what you’re carrying and I will give you a clean heart so you can rest and sleep in peace.”

Frame #6 & #7: (Sub-title:Sometimes it Just Hurts so Bad”) – With tears in her eyes and not wanting to let go of her burden & unforgiveness Christina says “But Jesus you don’t understand!  I’m so mad!  Mr. Not Good was so evil to me and tried to kill me!  All I wanted was a daddy!!!”  Jesus replies “I know how you feel my daughter!  I want to free your heart from all the pain so you can be free, be happy, and have peace.  I will bless you if you give me what is in your hands.”

Frame #8: (Sub-title: “Better to Obey”) –  Christina says “OK Lord Jesus …I trust you!  Take it all from my heart!  I trust you!” With wide opened hands Christina eagerly gives her pain of anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness to Jesus.  Jesus says “Thank you my daughter!  I will make you free!  I will bless you!”

Frame #9: (Sub-title: “The Healed Heart”)  - Jesus says “Here you go my daughter!  I love you!  Be free!”  Christina is beaming and says “I am free! Thank you Jesus!” Note: Christina tightly squeezes the clean heart the Lord has given her. The heart has love, peace, joy, and forgiveness written on it.

Frame #10: (Sub-title: “The Blessing”) – Christina deepest heart wish is being answered.  God blesses her with a true father.  Jesus says “I bless you with a great new dad – Mr. Awesome!”  Christina replies “Thank you Jesus!  Good night.”


  1. The Blessing – Daughter & Father 

  2. The Blessing – Daughter & Mother

  3. The Blessing – Son & Father

  4. The Blessing – Son & Mother